Newspaper Clips Regarding Preparations for the Handover

Title: TdM (Macau’s television station) confident boosted signal will reach HK Telefusao de General Idea: Macau (TdM) plans to boost the station’s transmission power to reach Hongkong without a repeater. Title: Hong Kong to Macao: a journey into the past General Idea: a skimming of Macau’s history. Mentioned in the article are (1) The shuttle ferries make the journey easy and convenient (2) The Ruins of the Saint Paul Church (3) Trade (4) Brutality (5) Portuguese settlers (6) Japan’s retreat from Macau (7) Architecture (8) Religion, cemetery, (9) museums (10) Macanese creole Title: Chinese interests to finance bulk of Macau airport General Idea: Financing arrangement for Macau’s international airport. Title: Panel to study 1999 pull-out General Idea: A committee was set up to study for the arrangement of civil servants holding Portuguese nationality. Title: Sir Geoffrey, Qian to discuss draft process General Idea: the work in progress on the draft Basic Law. (Hong Kong –related) What’s related to Macau was given as an insertion to this article as follows: The Standing Committee of China’s Naitonal People’s Congress yesterday approved the 48-strong Macau Basic Law Drafting Committee, which includes 19 Macau residents and 29 mainlanders or Chinese officials posted in Macau Title: The transcript of a BBC Radio Four report by Tim Luard on the future of Hong Kong and Macau. (July 9, 1988) General Idea: The presenter gave his opinions on how the Communist China would treat Hong Kong and Macau differently when the two colonies were taken back. It painted a vivid picture of what Macau was like in 1988. Some interesting details include saying Macau as a haven for gold smugglers and spies, pirates and prostitutes and gamblers, South Korea pirates came to wipe out North Korean spies, etc. Title: Localisation a key problem for Macau General Idea: localization of the civil service and widening the official use of the Chinese language; a visit paid by Macau governor, Carlos Melancia to Beijing. Title: Melancia back to deal with Macau turmoil General Idea: Portuguese officials sacked and chiefs of television station arrested for leaks of information, caused political turmoil Title: China backs airport plan for Macau General Idea: China gave financial support for the construction of Macau international airport .
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