Foreign Office: Chinese Secretary's Office, Various Embassies and Consulates, China: General Correspondence. SECTION TWO FO 682/1972/40

CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN THE CHINESE AND BRITISH AUTHORITIES 1839-1860. Lin Tse-hsü and Teng T'ing-cheng to C. Elliot: (1) reject Elliot's plea that exact wording of opium bond must wait for another three or four months; (2) extend deadline for handing over of murderer of Lin Wei-hsi for another ten days; (3) threaten to destroy any foreign vessel which is in Chinese waters without permission; (4) notorious opium dealers who have been expelled from Macao and are still in Chinese waters must be made to leave immediately. 24 pages.
  • United Kingdom
  • Nineteenth Century
  • The sale of opium in Macau